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That was a big deal for me. He finds new clients by lecturing on the subject aboard gay cruises in the Caribbean each winter, trading the winter winds off Lake Erie for the zephyrs off Eleuthera. The new activism picked up steam in October after California Governor Pete Wilson vetoed a bill that would have banned workplace discrimination against homosexuals. Shell is appealing the verdict. Password at least 8 characters required. Companies have long valued the help of employee groups in dealing with problems of race and sex discrimination. Third is the continuing growth of grassroots homosexual groups within corporations and across industries-organizations that will not only press for acceptance but also embody gay market power-Last is simply the determination of the gay men and women of corporate America to be themselves.

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But factoring in a broader mix of companies, the numbers decline.

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Joyce Carol Oates, Roxane Gay and more tackle the modern workplace in Xerox anthology

The year-old technology company that brought photocopying to the masses is behind the new e-book Speaking of Worka collection of writings in which high-profile authors grapple with their sometimes poignant, sometimes funny conceptions of the modern workplace. Does such anxiety make employees less productive? Gay activists across the country were stunned, and many determined to press their employers to do what scared or hostile solons would not. What bothers him most, he says, is that he has no way of knowing how scared he should be of what others would think. These include attacking overt workplace hostility, extending employee benefits to domestic partners, not just to spouses, and even little things like making sure that partners are welcome at company social events whenever husbands or wives are. Make sure you don't miss any Law breaking news.

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Shell is appealing the verdict. If we can raise the information level, we can lower the anxiety level. Make sure you don't miss any Law breaking news. I really focus my concentrations on my work. These programs cost money. Both Korb and gay Congressman Barney Frank, a Democrat, expect the ban to change after the election, whoever wins.

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