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Of course Nick Jonas' body conforms to or surpasses societal norms in many ways, and seeing it could inspire body shaming or set unrealistic expectations for some people. It's not gay. I'm also not claiming that men shouldn't shave or wax or laser their bodies if that's what they prefer, but I would like to at least raise the question of why hairlessness is the preference for so many of us and address the stigma that often comes with being hairy. Latino Voices. No hair on my ass at all. Need Help?

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Whatever you decide, remember this: Nick Jonas has spent the better part of the last month promoting his new single, " Jealous ," and his upcoming DirecTV series, Kingdomwith a dizzying media tour that has included not only interviews with several gay publications but stops at several gay bars. Obviously they didn't like hairy asses and one of the women claimed she could figure out of a guy has a hairy ass or not by her feeling. Another option is to ask your very understanding significant other help with the job.

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Otherwise, options like Gold Bond spray and a quick swipe of antiperspirant can also work wonders to keep excess wetness in check.

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