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Lesbian Cartoonists from A to Z is even dedicated to Bechdel. Donelan did the cover illustration. While Moose is easily angered and will threaten to hurt those who upset him, he is very kind, loyal, and compassionate. The cover art was by Rand Holmes. She is the author of Graphic Women: Mangels changed the title to Gay Comics in part to divest it of the " underground " implications of "comix".

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This issue included the following comics:.

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He departs Ellis Island for Chicago. Moose was originally created to serve as the personification and stereotype of the jock —all brawn and no brains. Gay Comix 3 was the first issue to include notes from its readers. Jerry and Marilyn Mason. The cover was illustrated by J Mills. Plume; New American Library. Readers first meet the character Andy Lippincott in a law library as the object of a female crush.

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His various tendencies may be inherited from one of his first ancestors to immigrate to the United States. One reader, Jim Clair, commented about issues one and two: Excerpts from Gay Comix were included in a anthology titled Gay Comics. See also Alternate universes in Archie Comics. In Gay ComixCruse crucially frames comics as an uncensored art form in which stereotypes and expectations can be overthrown in favor of particularity and range. Interviews with Contemporary Cartoonistsand Disaster Drawn:

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