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Steve completely ignored the fact that he only had eyes for the bad boy eye fucking him, and that Laurie was barely a consideration at this point. Billy was leaning against the bookshelf, one hand gripping the shelf above his head and the other nestled in Laurie's hair as she was down on her knees in front of him. Steve eyes shot open when he heard the other boy moan. Steve smirked at Billy, in between pants, as he stroked his dick in time with Billy thrust in the unsuspecting Laurie's mouth. Steve quickly shove his dick away, refusing to get distracted by the sounds of the other boy finishing and as quickly and quietly as possible left the stacks. With barely a pause he began to rub.

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Steve couldn't believe this was happening. Give him a legitimate reason to beat on him, who would argue beating on the weirdo who was perving on you and your girl, he certainly felt just in messing with Byers and that was just a photo. Billy made eye contact with the stunned brunette, who still had not found the strength to walk away. Strange that such a scenario had returned his lost confidence. Steve's hand itched to touch, to relieve the pressure building inside him, but he was terrified it was a trap. Shakily his hand slid across his thigh and to his aching member.

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Realising he was getting no studying done, his brooding taking up his full attention, he slammed the textbook shut. He packed up his school stuff and began walking to the back of the library to return the book to it's rightful place. Steve couldn't help the small smile that crept onto his face at the thought of the blonde boy. Steve x Billy and Billy x OC female. Steve watched Billy as he flirted with Laurie, a trashy girl that would have and had drawn his eye before Nancy. Story Story Writer Forum Community. He was surprised by the wink and sly grin Billy shot him.

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