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Before submitting a question, use the search feature, and read our Wiki. Main article: Illegal for all couples regardless of sexual orientation. His dance studio is always full of people and he does not hide is orientation at all. And this happens to everyone. You just don't notice it because you are so very used to it.

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It evokes a lot of prejudice about homosexual people.

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But I guess the only logical solution to make people understand that people are that way is to never let the Topic die as long as there is a problem even though people complain about that the Homosexuals always want to be in the middle. You wear clothes. Homophobia is alive and well, and people who have never experienced it and are probably not even likely to notice it when it happens trying to tell everyone how accepting they are don't help at all.

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This ignorant attitude is exactly the thing that you have been criticised for.

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