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Just make sure to rock what you do! My boobs are much more painfully tender now when touched. On those days I seem to be provocative enough to warrant stares, I stare back and smile, and when they walk past I laugh, because the whole thing is absurdly funny. Being able to have this operation at all is the bonus, any positive effect is a privilege. Finally the time had come, I packed up my bags having prepared so much as I could, and made the journey to Brighton with my escort. Welcome, Guest.

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Appetite and weight is also a concern.

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You see those before and after shots of transition and think, how did they manage to do that? Day — Wearing a bra is no longer optional, especially if I intend to run down stairs, because ouch. Will I ever be as pretty as you have become. That said, what my face looks like changes considerably at different times of the day, the femininity of which depending on my rest, diet, water intake, and lighting.

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If so inclined I could count problem hairs on my face and they would number less thanwhich is more than enough to make my face smooth.

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