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I pray that he is following Catholic teaching, otherwise he is leading homosexuals astray. Sadly, I think that is the ultimate goal of many of the revolutionaries. Melanie Ann Oliver. It really is no one else's business. They also demanded mandatory gender and sexuality training for staff and faculty, and that all students be required to sign a Non-Discrimination Policy guess who gets to compose this. The Atlantic.

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Meet the Catholic graffiti artist who created a giant St.

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You are also claiming the Catholic Church teaches things that it does not, including your suggestion that hedonism is part of Catholic understanding of sexual love between a married man and a woman. If it was to evangelize those with similar sexual attractions, so as to bring more into the Catholic Church, it might have been wiser to spend a little more time in your article explaining how one can call oneself gay and still be fully supportive of Catholic teaching. Oprah offers wisdom at Montreal school. Nathan Beacom June 17,

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Page 2.

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