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Thank you for submitting your comment! Kegels absolutely help, do them. I heard from an eldergay that now he has pooping problems from too much anal sex the shit accumulates in his rectum and doesn't exit as normal, a little collects in his rectum and stains his underwear. I came when they said it was a very stinky smell. Sorry to keep posting but I just wanted you to know that I am still tight there. Op probably whistles when he walks.

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My tongue would be up that hole as much as possible.

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I can't afford an operation but I always liked my pucker and would send pics. No your hole is decimated, no point in putting it to waste though. OP, they have vaginal tightening so they should have rectal tightening. It feels good putting your foot in even if it is a little floppy. Homosexual Richard Gere had to have surgery to re-tighten her Grandcanyon.

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I can't afford an operation but I always liked my pucker and would send pics. It's free so why not? That's why they invented drawstrings. I top too, just not my boyfriend because he is Puerto Rican and said it would mess with his head. I beant over and they made everyone sniff my hairy ass. Gangbang That Hairy Gay Hard If you are a bottom that gets a hard-on, clamps down and controls the two sphincter rings, you will probably snap back.

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