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I'm a bisexual female. The young rooster had been VERY busy servicing hens and it had taken more out of him than he'd realized and the old rooster had been in training during this time so the old rooster got off to an early start. Related Questions More Answers Below How, if at all, is the accent, pitch and voice of gay men different than that of straight men and how accurate is voice in determining sexual What are some funny gay jokes or anecdotes? Soon after that the airplane began to fill up. Religion is far more of a choice than being gay will ever be.

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Lets go into that gay bar and get shitfaced". I'm sorry my dollar is not straight enough for you. Three rich guys, and one mildly retarded. Suddenly, a shot rang out and the young rooster lay splattered all over the ground. How do you know your a homosexual?

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Hey man, you wanna get shit-faced? The genie got so tired of the racket that he finally came out and told the pair that he would grant them 3 wishes a piece if they would just leave him alone. Because they use them as mudflaps. He's trying to hold it back, he doesn't want to interrupt the great sex, but eventually he says: He was good at bringing guys to their knees. Went around blowing fuses. I said "I got rear ended" She says "that is terrible.

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