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In Septemberhe was appointed the commander of the th Composite Groupwhich would conduct the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He was ordered to find the best pilots, navigators, bombardiers and supporting crewmen and mold them into a unit that would deliver that bomb from a B He then attended the University of Florida in Gainesville[1] and became an initiated member of the Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Sigma Nu fraternity in The museum changed its plan, and agreed to display the fuselage of the Enola Gay without commentary, context or analysis. War's End:

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Major Ferebee released the bomb, known as Little Boy, and 43 seconds later, at 1, feet above ground zero, it exploded in a nuclear inferno, leaving tens of thousands dead or dying and turning Hiroshima into scorched devastation.

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In the s, veterans groups engaged in a call for the Smithsonian to put the aircraft on display, leading to an acrimonious debate about exhibiting the aircraft without a proper historical context. The display of the Enola Gay without reference to the historical context of World War II, the Cold War, or the development and deployment of nuclear weapons aroused controversy. He said it was his patriotic duty and the right thing to do. Search Most popular on msnbc.

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He continued:

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