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I think Madison can be a little cliquey. That seems to be a problem all over Houston. Thank you for bringing those issues to the forefront. Also love the acknowledgement that income inequality creates a divide between communities of queer men and queer women. I do see families all the time and I tend to bump into queer people everywhere I go. We are looking for a town that is gay friendly, I worry about my partner because he is a bit flamboyant and is a bit of a target for haters, we own our house so the good thing is when we sell we will have that money to buy another hopefully with a little left over.

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Did I hear right that the Third Ward is starting to gentrify?

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Where Do Lesbians Live? New Gallup Numbers Add More Numbers To Pile Of Confusing Numbers

Salt Lake City and Austin for sure. Yes, Seattle is a very expensive city, however, you DO get what you pay for. There are no cities where you can comfortably live as a gay man. Hopefully I can find queers out there? Pieces like this make me proud to be an A-Plusser. There are many limitations to the survey and research on this topic.

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Portland, the whitest large city in Americais 6. Do yourself a favor and do not move to Louisville. I guess I hardly meet anyone due to my coursework up here in Boulder. I commend and appreciate how much effort you put into bringing this to us! I wonder what Canada would look like. Does anywone else feel we lost a lot more than just the ability to have nice chats with other like-minded gay folk when gay.

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