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Article of the penal code allows a man to murder his wife and her lover if he catches them having consensual sex. Because of this gap between law and society, women's rights activists have made legal reforms their top priority. More important, many actually succeeded in their bids for office. Iran experienced an era of uneven reform under the presidency of Mohammad Khatami Under Note 2 of Article of the civil code, women who renounce their Iranian citizenship for that of their husband lose the right to own "landed property" where such ownership would give "economic dominance" to a foreigner.

Although the validity of these stipulations is conditional upon the approval of the prospective husband, they nonetheless provide an important potential protection.

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Women's Rights in the Middle East and North Africa 2010 - Iran

A staff survey across the sector has been completed with over respondents and a series of focus groups are being held with staff in all the universities. A Muslim woman can marry a previously non-Muslim man only if it is proved that he has converted to Islam, and even in this case, a non-Iranian man cannot earn citizenship through his Iranian wife. This state intrusion violates the autonomy, security, and freedom of all persons, and women in particular are negatively affected. Although the majority of the population are Persian Shiites, ethnic minorities — including Azeris, Gilaki and Mazandarani, Kurds, Arabs, Lurs, Baloch, Turkmens, and others — make up a significant portion of the population. In addition, the blood money paid for a slain Muslim or non-Muslim woman is half that for a Muslim or non-Muslim man.

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Equality News pdf, 1. Even Ebadi — one of the most prominent human rights defenders in Iran — has not been immune from recent governmental attacks. To support socially vulnerable women, the government should increase budget allocations and encourage the creation of support networks such as microcredit lenders, women's cooperatives, and vocational training and internships for women in both rural and urban areas. No specific law criminalizes domestic violence, and Iran has no public or private shelters for abused women. A prospective bride and her family may feel awkward requesting them during marriage negotiations, and men may simply refuse to accept them. The police arrived after she called for help, but they took no steps to restrain or disperse the protesters.