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And breathing burgundy words. I support gay marriage because its about love not gender, and I'm proud you are happy being gay, being who you are. So what's the point of not being alone? But it hasn't happened yet. Hope to come out to my family one day soon. I searched for a way out of my feelings for you. I think I may say goodbye to this world.

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This poem was wonderful, someday I hope that I'll have the courage to be me.

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I'm proud to be gay

And, slowly, They are crumbling this city to dust. Mr Quiet Nov They all think I'm a freak. A love and loathing so intense it scalds. It makes me sick all the Gay guys are so damned good looking though!

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I knew it was a lost cause before I even got there. Housman He would not stay for me, and who can wonder …. I saw the man that I would fall in love with. D I love ya mothafucka freaking gay Report Reply. Menu Search Login Loving. Dan Brown's Other Poems. I kissed her hands In penance disguised as sweetness.

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