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Norimitsu Odachi: The virgin goddess Diana preferred the company of women, according to legend; she and her companions hunted in the woods, danced with each other, and swore of men completely. This practise is pictured on The Warren Cup, a silver roman vassal from the time of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, 1st century AD, which is decorated with ornate reliefs of same sex acts, one side of which depicts a young adult male having sex with a young slave boy. Persian pederasty and its origins was debated even in ancient times. I'm talking about Nero taking a man and "making him a woman" in the worst way possible: Balch; Carolyn Osiek eds.

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Persian and Jewish Religion. Athenaeus in the Deipnosophists states that the Celts also partook and despite the beauty of their women, preferred the love of boys. Political philosophy. In more extreme cases, a puer delicatus would be castrated and dressed with feminine attire.

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The consul Quintus Lutatius Catulus was among a circle of poets who made short, light Hellenistic poems fashionable.

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