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In the case of cartilage piercing, doing it with an ear piercing instrument can shatter the ear cartilage and lead to serious complications. Besides permanent installations, locking earrings are occasionally worn due to their personal symbolism or erotic value. Also, larger gauge jewellery will lessen the chance of the earring being torn out. Studs are invariably constructed on the end of a post, which penetrates straight through the ear or earlobe. This section includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Brass earrings of Ainu. Also, because there is substantially less blood flow in ear cartilage than in the earlobe, infection is a much more serious issue.

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Gardner's Art through the Ages: They are generally attached to the ear by the use of thin wires, which go through the earlobe and connect to themselves in a small hook at the back. Even though the children ceased wearing earrings, it can appear as an allergic reaction to: Studs are invariably constructed on the end of a post, which penetrates straight through the ear or earlobe. Immune system remembers the presence of Ni ions that existed in someone's blood and lymph. A cork can be placed behind the earlobe to stop the movement of the needle after the piercing process, and protect the tip of the needle for the client's comfort. Howard Carter writes in his description of Tutankhamun 's tomb that the Pharaoh's earlobes were perforated, but no earrings were inside the wrappings, although the tomb contained some.

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Alternatively, a gold stud or wire earring may be directly inserted into the fresh piercing as the initial retaining device. Researchers observed a correlation between the piercing of young girls' earlobes and subsequent development of allergies. By the early s, ear piercing was common among women, thus creating a broader market for the procedure. For all ear piercings, the use of a sterilized hollow piercing needle tends to minimize the trauma to the tissue and minimize the chances of contracting a bacterial infection during the procedure. Be kind to one another.