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But word got out that he was gay, and that he was a US translator. Are we really married? One error in particular complicated his case. Iraq was given a ban on homosexuality, defined in the penal code as sodomy, while under British rule. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. We attribute this surge in violence against the LGBT community to the total passivity of the state and a rise in armed groups who are able to act with impunity. One photo circulating on social media shows the iconic rainbow flag with a map of Iraq on it draped underneath the statue of Abou Nawas, a famous Arab poet of the 9th century — known as a libertine and for openly expressing his own homosexuality in his poetry.

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Iraq is not a country where same-sex attraction is discussed in the open.

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2 gay Iraqi soldiers found love amid war. Then the death threats started

The article also stated that the amendment to the criminal code stipulating the death penalty for homosexuality "has not been changed", even through Paul Bremer clearly ordered the criminal code to go back to its s edition. Am I dreaming or is this real? He finally moved to Seattle to be with Hrebid. Allami then applied for permanent residency -- known as a greencard -- as Hrebid's husband. Likewise nothing is expressly said in the national penal code about cross-dressing, unless used for deception. They knew loving each other openly could be deadly. At the time, he didn't know that Hrebid loved his calm demeanor and the way his dark hair shone in the sunlight.

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Male homosexuality still a taboo. For decades, the LGBT community in Iraq has been one of the most invisible communities in the world facing all kinds of discrimination, with barely any activism or advocacy in favor of this group. Despite the time difference, they did their best to maintain a "normal" relationship. I accompanied the photos with a simple question: Iraq was given a ban on homosexuality, defined in the penal code as sodomy, while under British rule. Their talks put them in a bubble.

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