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Just then, I felt someone caress my pec. Now you look hot and cute. Constant wrinkles on his face. My own cock wet and leaking from all that excitement. He shaved all the way up to his smooth buttocks.

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With cum oozing out of his hole, I gave him a kiss on his cheek before taking out a tube of cream from my bag….

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He turned around, facing his ass infront of me. The gay boys heard Ron hawk up some spit, then they heard him grunting as he slowly forced the dildo-shaped device into himself. But the eyes were suddenly not just lustful, but complementing. For they knew that from this day onwards they were no longer classmates but lovers. We kissed for a minute before Ben pulled down my shorts to reveal my hard cock, Ben bent down and began to give me a blowjob…. Soon my entire dick had entered his hole, letting Trent get use to feeling of a dick inside his ass.

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I did not want to tease him much longer so I began to fuck him. Not long I came inside of Ben filling his hole with my creamy seed. Zack walked over to a cardboard box in the corner, and after rummaging around, he returned with a small tube -shaped object made of metal and rubber. He turned around, facing his ass infront of me. Keith has chestnut brown hair while Timothee had strawberry blond hair.

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