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University Plaza Hotel NE 45th St According to a local pizza deliveryman who frequently stops there to crapthis restroom has "the most butt-friendly toilet paper in town! Last summer, books editor Christopher Frizzelle wrote about Twice Sold Tales facing stiff competition when corporate-owned Half Price Books moved into the Capitol Hill neighborhood, and in the piece he mentioned, as an aside, the oft-voiced concern that Twice Sold Tales sometimes smells like cat pee. Meridian 16 Cinemas Seventh Ave Any architectural plan that involves the construction of a semisecret floor just to house the restrooms is all right in our book. Richard Hugo House 11th Ave Certain visits to the restroom take longer than others: Find the best gay places on Gay in City. In another exciting twist, the window curtains are made from towels! Mars Bar Eastlake Ave E Hey ladies--ever wondered what your sisters look like doing their business?

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Throw it into the trash like a paper towel?

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Seattle Gay Bars

Attle's home of the worst name this side of Fremont's forthcoming Moisture Festival and the Cadillac Grill home to foodthe Men's Room is the only men's room in town where you can eat, drink, and do your business all in one spot. Seattle Gay Scene 6 days ago. Art work for sale after the show. Add a new cruising spot in Seattle, Washington. Surrounded by untouched nature the city is the perfect spot for outdoor and adventure lovers but also offers an exciting and vibrant nightlife.

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It's also a nice place to have a drink when the bar gets too crowded. The Emerald City Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities of the Pacific Northwest and also its largest. It is huge, and it is beautiful. Also good for heavy novels, changing babies, and cleaning your works. The epicenter of a hip, relaxed attitude toward plumbing.

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