Discrimiation and gays and religion

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First, exemptions expressly licensed religious refusals in particular domains. Supporters of segregation and white supremacy have also often invoked the story of the Children of Ham as a way of explaining the existence and inferior status of people of color. She described how these incidents affected him, making him unwilling to seek medical care even when it was urgently needed:. To say that homosexuality is bad because homosexuals are tempted to do morally doubtful things is to say that heterosexuality is bad because heterosexuals are likewise tempted. Once you leave the confines of the urban environment, you get scared as you imagine.

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First, they are motivated to a large degree by hostility to recent advances in LGBT equality; on their face they invoke only a concern for religious liberty but the public debate around and legislative history of many of these laws show quite clearly the animus and the discriminatory intent that underpin them.

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Scott Morrison will change the law to ban religious schools expelling gay students

The process itself was methodical and respectful, examining submissions which drew on questions of law, religion, ethics, morality and the lived experiences of LGBT Australians. The inquiry actually referred to section 18 c of the Racial Discrimination Act - which contemporary free speech warriors now want repealed - as a model way to protect minorities from harassment. The inquiry also did not recommend any exemptions for individuals or businesses to deny services to LGBT people on religious grounds. The outreach focused on eight states where statewide exemptions affecting LGBT people had been legislatively enacted at the time the research began: January 25, Dispatches. LGBT people—like anyone else—should be able to freely practice their faith or to opt out of participating in dominant faith traditions.

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And rather than strike any kind of careful balance between assertions of religious liberty and LGBT equality or other rights and values that could be at stake, many grant a nearly unfettered license to discriminate while brushing aside the rights and freedoms of others. The following pages describe the tangible, human impact of such discrimination—which will likely worsen as a result of religious exemption laws—on the people who bear the brunt of it. Moreover, some of the most ardent supporters of "religious freedom" are the same people who want to ban the burqa. The recent drive for religious exemptions is not born of a neutral concern with religious liberty, but is largely the product of resistance to recent gains in LGBT equality across the United States. A growing number of US states have sought to address these problems by prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in various fields.

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